Software Updates

Release Date : 08 Mar 2024

Now Students can see their pending installment list in there account. 

Release Date : 09 Jan 2024

Now you can search date wise student exam summery & it's Detail report as well. You can get that report from Report >> Student Exam Summery Report (Click on Search button to search datewise)

Release Date : 08 Dec 2023

Now you can able to send simple payment reminder message which do not have any amount in it. You can use this feature from SMS >> Send Fee Reminder SMS  

Release Date : 19 Jul 2023

You can send all type of Auto WhatsApp message that available for SMS as well. You can set that from Setting >> Auto WhatsApp Setting Menu.  

Release Date : 23 Feb 2023

Now you can also send student's fee Installment reminder alert with Installment amount only. 

Release Date : 31 Dec 2022

Send WhatsApp messages to students with your own number. Now you can send auto and manual alert WhatsApp messages to students. 

Release Date : 31 Dec 2022

Now you can able to search students by group and category wise on manual SMS send process screens

Release Date : 05 Sep 2022

New student's ID card feature with new design has been available now. Now tuition classes or institutes can create their students ID cards & print easily. 

Release Date : 28 Jan 2022

New online examination with comprehension or passage type of questions launched in smart classes software. Now you can create exam papers with comprehension or passage questions. 

Release Date : 29 Oct 2021

Auto Certificate Generate System has been launched. Now you can create your student's course completion certificate with ease. You can download the certificate PDF file and print in your office printer. This features will save your lot of manual work, time & money.

Release Date : 30 Sep 2021

New features update in existing modules, Here are the details

1. Students category, group, document number added on inquiry & registration screens
2. Fee collection shortcut from manage student screen. Help you to take faster students fee management. 
3. Absent students with red color mark on student attend process. 

Release Date : 23 Sep 2021

New analysis reports have been created that help you to monitor your tuition classes growth easily. Below you can see the list of new reports.
1. Student inquiry analysis report
2. Student admission analysis report
3. Student fee collection analysis reports
4. Profit/loss analysis report

Release Date : 02 Jul 2021

Performance related improvement for MCQ exam sharing, document Sharing, assign live class, study material sharing with students.
1. Now you can assign batch wise and students wise MCQ exams, documents, live class, digital studymaterials(eStudy). Performance has been improved and slowness issue has been resolved now. You can do faster process and save your time. 

Release Date : 26 Jun 2021

New updates are available on inquiry management screen. 
1. Now you can search staff wise, registered date wise & follow  up date wise inquiry so you can easily do followup of your inquiry. 
2. Performance issue has been resolved now for manage inquiry screen. 
3. Assign inquiry to multiple staff and search staff wise inquiry.

Release Date : 26 Jun 2021

New "All screen permission" option available on staff right(permission) screen so you can easily assign all screen permission to staff now.

Release Date : 24 Jun 2021

Now you can easily send fee reminder sms to all students (Instllment setup or not installment setup as well). You can send this message to those students as well who has not given any fee. 

Release Date : 05 Jun 2021

Now you can easily schedule multiple live classes. This will reduce your daily live class scheduling work.

Release Date : 27 May 2021

New feature has been added in the eStudy module. Now you can control download or view only permission for pdf documents. So now if you want students to see only a pdf document and not download it then you can do it. 

Release Date : 21 May 2021

New feature has been added in eClass (Live Class) module. Now you can integrate your Zoom, Google Meet & Microsoft Team live meeting platfrom with our software/app & take as many live classes with students.

Release Date : 19 May 2021

New feature has been added in eStudy module. Now you can monitor rather students has watched the video ( or downloaded  documents) or not. You can also check view count too. You can see that features from menu "eStudy >> Manage Shared Study Material (then click on student count)"

Release Date : 15 May 2021

Now you can display student fee status and next fee reminder date on fee receipt. You can manage that features from menu "Setting >> Profile Setting"

Release Date : 12 May 2021

Profit/loss status & detail report is now available. You can see the status on dashboard and you can also able to access report "Report" menu. 

Release Date : 05 May 2021

IOS mobile app(beta version) has been available now for Admin/staff & students

Release Date : 01 May 2021

1. You can submit your custom SMS format now & after approval you can send custom SMS to your students & staffs. 

2. New tutor/admin dashboard design changed. 

Release Date : 05 Apr 2021

New dashboard is available now for student's mobile app and student's web account. 

Release Date : 30 Mar 2021

You can upload student inquiry by excel file now. You can also assign inquiry to staff and staff can see only their assigned Inquiries. 

Release Date : 19 Mar 2021

You can manage answer justification for each MCQ question's answer. Students can see answer justification on their MCQ exam preview after completion of the online exam. 

Release Date : 24 Dec 2020

Now students & tutors can do chat or discussion. It will help students to clear their doubt or any questions by sending messages to coaching classes. 

Release Date : 24 Oct 2020

Now staff can see their batches/classes as per time table format and take student attendance. This will help staff to take attendance more faster if your institute have many classes/batches. 

Release Date : 12 Oct 2020

Now admin, student or teacher can see "Rank" too along with exam marks for each exams (In report section). 

Release Date : 10 Oct 2020

Now you can set auto SMS & notifications for MCQ exam absent students. 

Release Date : 08 Oct 2020

Multi branch with different receipt name features is available now. 

Release Date : 10 Sep 2020

Auto questions reshuffle option is available now for MCQ exam. 

Release Date : 07 Sep 2020

Now you can manage student inquiry staff wise. You can assign students inquiry to staff and staff can also forward the inquiry to other staffs. 

Release Date : 06 Jul 2020

Student can resubmit the document back to teachers. You can receive now student's homework documents, student's exam paper documents, assignment documents. 

Release Date : 25 Jun 2020

New white label student Inquiry or Registration form is available now. You can use this form on your website or on social media for student registration. You will then receive all data directly in your smart classes account's student inquiry section. 

Release Date : 23 Jun 2020

New Add on Features Updated.
Payment gateway integration facility is now available. Student can pay fees online now.  

Release Date : 19 Jun 2020

Student mobile app multi login security features has been updated now. Now you can control student mobile device access rights from your account. 

Here is a training video document link. 

Release Date : 11 May 2020

Student mobile app is now upgraded with new features in eStudy. Here are the new upgraded points.

1. Student can see study video in full screen now.
2. Student can not record the video.   

Release Date : 11 May 2020

Now integrate Google Drive videos in eStudy section and share video with students with download restriction.  See the video to learn how to integrate google drive video.

Release Date : 13 Apr 2020

New advance Online virtual classroom or online learning system with online meeting platform is available for coaching classes. Virtual classroom includes features like video & audio communication, white board teaching tool, video & document presentation, screen sharing, video recording, chat & many more. It also work from mobile devices. 

Release Date : 29 Mar 2020

White label login page is available for your websites. You can now add that page in your own website and allow your students and staff to login in from your own website. For technical detail please call us at 7573057113

Release Date : 15 Mar 2020

Smart Classes software updated as per Chrome browser version 80+ cookie policy. Those customers who faced issue in Chrome browser, now they can use Chrome browser to use Smart Classes software.  


Release Date : 07 Mar 2020

New eStudy system available now. You can now share your digital videos, documents, papers with students. For demo or training, You can see the demo video. 


Release Date : 26 Dec 2019

New "Settings" menu created below "Dashboard" menu. So you can now assign Profile, sms, notifications control rights to your staff too. 

Release Date : 14 Nov 2019

New centralized bio-metric attendance system available now. You can call our executive for more details. 

Here are its requirement.
1. Time table setup properly 
2. One bio-metric device with internet connection 

Release Date : 06 Nov 2019

New modification in SMS menu screens, Here are the details

1. Send Student Id/password SMS Screen: Now you can send Id, password to those student who have not installed mobile app.

2. Send Today Absent SMS To Student: Now you can send past date absent sms too. 

Release Date : 07 Oct 2019

1. Student delete process: Now you can delete student permanently and students all associated data will remove with it. 

2. Fee Reminder Report: Now you can see date wise fee reminder report too. 

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