What is smart classes software?

Smart Classes is an online cloud based coaching classes management & online teaching system. Coaching classes can manage their all daily activity & manage data very easily and effectively and that will help them to save a lot of time and at the same time coaching classes can also provide quality digital services to students and parents.  

What are the features of Smart Classes Software?

Smart Classes have all the features that any institute requires like Student inquiry & follow up, Student management, Attendance, fee collection & management, share documents with students (like homework, worksheet, exam papers etc), online & manual exams, online virtual classroom for live teaching, Digital course publish in video & documents format & share with students, Staff management with highly security and action level rights.

Smart Classes also provides android & IOS mobile app. 
1. SMART CLASSES APP: For Admin & tutors. 
2. SMART STUDENT APP: For Students

White label features: 
Smart Classes also provide white label web login & student registration pages so customers can integrate with their website and students and staff can use the software from the website.

Can we access the software from computer or laptop?

Yes, You can access smart classes software from any device and from anywhere in the world. 

What is a smart classes user licence?

Smart Classes provide yearly subscription based licence. Customers can take subscriptions on a yearly basis and use the software. 

What is security of my data? Will it be share by you to third party ?

Smart classes highest priority is customer's data security. Your data is 100% secure at our server. No data will be leak or shared from our end to anybody. 

What happens If smart classes software price Increases in future?

Price for your plan will remain the same as you subscribe initially. New prices will not apply to you if you renew your account with in 7 days of expiry date.  If you renew your subscription after 7 days of expiry then new pricing plan will be apply

What happens if I do not renew my account subscription?

You will not be able to access your account If you do not renew it. If you do not renew your account in the next 15 days of your expiry date then the account will be deleted & all data will be deleted automatically. You will also not be able to renew the account at the same old price.  

Is there any extra charge apart from plan price?

No, You can start using the software as you do payment.

What are add-on features and which are those?

Add on features means extra services. You can select it If you want and It will cost extra. Extra services like SMS purchase, website login link and registration pages , branded student app(only android app),  extra physical storage space & coaching Institute website. 

Is Smart Classes (tutor/staff app) mobile app available in android and IOS?

Yes, Mobile app is available for android & IOS smart phones. 

Which android & IOS version is required to access the Smart Classes (Tutor/Satff app) mobile app?

Android 6.0+ version required to access android mobile app. IOS 14.3+ version required to access IOS mobile app

How can I access Smart Classes software If I have IOS device (Iphone, Ipad)?

You can use IOS application or you can use safari browser in your IOS device and access the account by login from website www.smartclasses.in 

Is Smart Student (student app) mobile app available in android and IOS?

Yes, Mobile app is available for android & IOS smart phones. 

Which android & IOS version is required to access the Smart Student (Student app) mobile app?

Android 6.0+ version required to access android mobile app. IOS 14.3+ version required to access IOS mobile app

How can I access smart Student software If I have IOS device (Iphone, Ipad)?

You can use IOS application or you can use safari browser in your IOS device and access the account by login from website www.smartclasses.in 

Can we set screen access rights for student account and mobile app?

Yes, you can control student account access rights.

Can student do registration from mobile app?

Student can not do registration from standard mobile app. If you are using branded student mobile app then student can do registration from your mobile app too. 

Can student purchase digital courses from mobile app directly?

No, Student can not purchase courses from mobile app directly. You have to share courses with students manually. 

Can I change my institute, branch, contact detail?

Yes, You can change your profile details. 

Can i set my institute logo?

Yes, you can upload it and it will be display on fee receipt too. 

How can i download invoice?

You can download from Menu "Setting >> My Plan"

How can i see my plan and renewal date?

You can see your plan detail from menu "Setting >> My Plan" and also renew your from from same screen. 

How can i see by SMS balance and how can i buy SMS?

You can see your sms balance detail and you can also purchase SMS from menu "Setting >> SMS Plan"

Can we manage all data year wise?

You can create year (Financial or Academic year) and manage your all coaching classes data year wise. This will help you to track your growth and at a same time you can have your year wise data history. 

What happen if standard (grades) and subject not available in given list and we need that?

You can apply for your required standard (grades) and subjects from support ticket and we will add that standards or subjects in your account. 

What is course?

In you coaching institute, It may possible you have different courses and its different fees for same standard students. So you can create your courses as per your fee system and assign that course to students. 

Do I have to create course every year?

No, You just need to setup course entry one time. In future if you start new course in your institute then only you have to add new course. 

Do I have to create class or batch every year?

No, you just need to setup class or batch one time only. In future if you start new class or batch then you have to create it.

Can student & staff see their time table?

Yes, Students & staff can see their time table. 

Can I set tax system for the fees?

Yes, You can manage your taxes and fee receipt will be generate accordingly. 

Can we create staff or tutors?

Yes, You can create your institutes all staffs and teachers.

How to generate staff login?

Once you do staff registration than system auto generate their Id, password. You can see that Id, password from manage staff screen and also send Id,password by SMS. 

Can we give software menu permission to staff for security?

Yes, you can assign screen rights to staff so staff can only access those assigned screen. 

What is action rights for staff?

Once you assign screen or menu rights to staff than you can also manage each screen wise action rights. So staff can only perform assigned action. This will give more security on your institute data.  

Can we take staff attendance?

Yes, you can take staff attendance as per time table setup. If you not setup time table then you can not take staff attendance. 

Can I take staff attendance from bio-metric device?


Can we manage students Inquiry and followup?

Yes, You can manage all inquiry data and its calling or followup history. 

Can we get auto reminder for student inquiry followup?

Yes, System will remind you by notification for inquiry followup. 

Can we upload our all existing students by excel?

Yes, You can upload your all students by excel file. 

How to generate student account or app ID, password?

Once you do student registration then system automatically generate student ID, password. 

How can I send ID, password to students or parents?

You can send all student's ID, password by SMS. 

What to do If student stop giving fees & stop coming for coaching?

You can deactivate that student. Student then can not login and use your features. In report you can see that student history but in daily activity process, that student will not be appear. 

What happen if I delete the student?

All data of that students will be delete permanently. You will never get back that student's data again. 

Can I assign more than one class or batch to students?

Yes, You can assign more than one class or batch to students. 

Can I take student's attendance?

Yes, You can. 

Can i take student attendance by bio-metric device?

Yes, you can select add-on bio-metric attendance service and after then take attendance from bio-metric device. This service will cost you extra.

Can i share homework, assignment, notes, exam papers or any documents with students?

Yes, You can share. 

Can student's submit their homework, worksheet, assignment, exam paper back to teacher?

Yes, student can submit.

Can i transfer student from one year or standard to next year?

Yes, you can. 

Can student or parent submit feedback?


Can I assign student mobile app menu permission?

Yes, you can. 

Can student login in different device with same ID, password?

Yes, Student can login in multiple device at same time because parents also use the same Id,password to login in the app. 

How can I control if student share ID, password with other students?

You can block the device so student can not login from that device again. 

Do I have to create fee structure every year?

Yes, you have to create new fee structure every year. 

Can I give discount to student?

Yes, you can give discount to students.

Can i take fees randomly?

Yes, you can take any fee amount. 

Can i take fees in installment?

Yes, you can take fees in installment too. 

Can i generate fee receipt with or without tax?

Yes, you can generate fee receipt with or without tax. 

Can i manage fees refund?

Yes, you can.

How can i edit or change any receipt?

You can not edit any receipt. You can delete the receipt and regenerate the receipt. 

Can student pay fees online?

Yes, you can select add-on feature of payment gateway integration & then student can do payment online. This service will cost you extra.

Can we mange manual exam?

Yes, you can manage all manual exam and students marks and that will track student exam performance. 

Can i take online exam?

Yes, you can take online MCQ exam. 

Can i upload all questions?

Yes, you can upload all questions of a exam paper by excel file.

Can I assign negative marking for online exam?

Yes, you can.

Can student see their result and review all questions and answer after exam?

Yes, student can see their result and review all question and answer after exam.

Can i assign time limit for online exam?

Yes, You can.

Can we track student's subject wise exam performance?


Can I take live classes and what features are their?

Yes you can take live classes on virtual classroom platform. You can have features live two way audio, video, chat communication, whiteboard, screen share, session recording, document presentation, video presentation. 

What internet speed required to take & attend live classes?

Normal 4G internet is required. 

Can we use live classes from any device?

Yes, you can use live classes from smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 

Can we take multiple classes at a same time?

Yes, you can.

Is their any limitation on number of students in single online class?

Every system or technology has limitation. You can add 40-60 students in a single online class.  You can add more then 60 students but its may create perforamce issue and It will depends on student's device quality, internet speed & It will also depends on which features you are using virtual classroom. 

Can we record the live class?

Yes, you can record the live class & it will be available for next 5 days. so student can see the previous classes. After 5 days recorded session will be deleted automatically.  

Why my old live class are not avilable?

All live class available only for 5 days & after 5 days, It will get deleted. If we upgrade the server or live class system then also old recording will not be available. Its a system limitation.

Can i download my live class recorded session?

You can only download video format. Other activity is not possible to download.

What is the best way to use live class?

Tell you students, not to use video and audio features. Just tell them to see you online and listen you.  This will help you to perform more smoother live class. 

How to solve echo sound issue during headphone?

It is necessary to use headphone for all when you take live classes. Then your echo sound issue will be resolved.

Can I create digital courses in video & Document format & share with student?

Yes, you can. 

Can I integrate youtube, google drive, Vimeo videos?

Yes, you can. 

Can i upload video directly on your platform?

Yes, you can upload but for that you need to purchase extra storage space. 

Is their any video size limitation if I upload video directly?

Yes, you can upload single video upto 2 GB of maximum size.  

Is their any storage space limitation for video & document upload?

Yes, default you get 500 mb free space. You can purchase additional storage space as per your requirement. 

Can student record the video?

No. Mobile app has security features that restrict recording of video recording.  

Can student share or download study video?

If you integrate video from YouTube, Google drive or any other platform then it will be shareable but if you upload video directly on our platform then students can not download or share video. 

Can i restrict student to download course documents & see only on app?

No, Document will be download first & then use so we have no such features that restrict student to see only app & not download.

Can I assign time limit for student to see the video?

Yes, you can.

Can I manage expenses?

Yes, you can manage all your coaching institutes expenses.

How can i manage staff salary?

You can manage staff salary as an expense. 

Can i add extra income of my coaching institute?

Yes, you can.

Can I send SMS & mobile push notification automatic?

Yes , you can. 

Can I send SMS manually?


Which sms & notification I can send?

You can send SMS & notification of all coaching classes activity. 

Which reports i can see?

You can see all the reports of student management, attendance, fee, exam, expense & performance.

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