6 Wonderful Online Teaching Software In The World

6 Wonderful Online Teaching Software In The World
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In today's digital world, It is necessary for all teachers to have software that manages their daily tuition class activity and at the same time, they can teach students online too.

The biggest problem is the cost. There are many software's available in the market but all those costs are extremely high and small and medium-size teachers not able to afford it. But we have found some really wonderful free and affordable, best in quality online teaching software for you. 

Best Online Teaching Software/Tool/Platform:
If you’re considering online teaching software for PC for your tuition class, school, or coaching class, we’re here to help. Below are the 6 top-rated wonderful online teaching software systems for teachers, according to data from real user reviews.

6) WizIQ -  For Integration with your own website 
WizIQ is a famous and quite old name for providing online live class platform services. Its main feature is that you can integrate their services as a white label on your website. WizIQ is integrated with many features like a virtual classroom, course management, content authoring, video streaming, tests and assessments, insights & analytics & mobile learning.

5) ZOOM - For group meetings & teaching 
During the COVID-19 lockdown, Zoom becomes very famous. It's a USA-based company. Zoom was designed to do a video call to family and friends but it’s a useful tool and features makes it very easy for teachers to teach online and also for corporate meeting. The main reason behind its popularity is it free version so small tuition classes and schools have not to need to pay anything to teach online and it easily overtakes in traffic then hangout and skype.

4) GOOGLE CLASSROOM - Free teaching management System
Google Classroom provides a single platform for schools and institutes to teach online and at the same time fulfill admin, documentation, reporting, and training, teaching planner, host virtual lessons and create assignments needs. Google is a USA-based tech giant and its obvious that it provides this platform free with quality. It's a free G-suit account and to use advanced features, you need to upgrade to a paid G Suite Enterprise for Education account for premium tools.

3) MICROSOFT TEAM - For corporate online training 
MICROSOFT TEAM is a product of MICROSOFT company Another USA-based tech giant. It provides similar sets of online teaching tools and management features as google classroom. It's a great, easy and secure platform for creating live classes or meetings, sharing documents, and providing secure communication between staff during corporate training & meeting.

2) BIG BLUE BUTTON - Open sources online teaching tool for educational institutes
BigBlueButton is a global teaching platform. The biggest advantage is that t's an open-source virtual classroom software that was developed in a school and then the community of developers upgrade it and maintain it. With BBB, Institute can integrate their own live class platform in their website or portal and also do modifications in features as per their requirement. The only problem is that they need a high-performance Linux server and one technical person who can handle and maintain this. 

1) SMART CLASSES -  Perfect tuition management & online teaching system
Smart classes are Saas-based online tuition management & online teaching system. It's an Indian company. It is so user-friendly that any teacher or their staff can easily use it. For online teaching, you can take a live class with zoom, google meet, Microsoft team Big blue buttons. that is the main advantage of this system. It includes all live class platforms so the teacher can use anything and very easily. Apart from living class it has many advanced features like enquiry management, students management, fee management, online examination system, assignment sharing, certificate creating, communication system, digital course sharing for extra income, expense management, analysis of your business and many more at very affordable cost.


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