Tuition Management System - A Complete Guide & Best Provider

Tuition Management System - A Complete Guide & Best Provider
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Tuition management system is a software or mobile application which help tuition classes, coaching institute, schools and training centers to manage & track students details and their academic life cycle process easily and digitally. 

The article will describe what online tuition management system, why it is necessary to use in institute and how it can help you to grow and manage your tuition classes or institute.

Also Learn why Smart Classes is the perfect tuition management system and how it is the top choice for tuition management among coaching classes, training institutes, schools.

What is online tuition class management system?

Online tuition management system is a software or platform which help schools, tuition classes, coaching classes and training institute to manage students data and their academic information and daily tuition classes activity digitally and easily. 

Tuition management system help tuition classes owner to smooth their daily data entry activity, save their lot of time, track and monitor students performance, attendance and fees and help then to grow their tuition more and more. 

How tuition management system works?

Tuition management system works to provide single platform for tuition classes owner, admin or staff to manage students all important information like students details, courses, attendance, fees, exam, performance easily. Good tuition class management software also work at parent side, students side and admin side easily and make data flow centrally. 

Which features are important to have in tuition management system? 

Good & best tuition class management system must have all necessary advance features at affordable cost with high quality support and service. Smart Classes is the only tuition management system in the world which have all the features with highly rated software quality and high quality support and service at affordable cost. 

Now lets see which features are required to make tuition management system best. Below you can see the list of the features 

Students Enquiry Management:

Student Enquiry Registration
Assign Enquiry To Staff
Enquiry Follow-up
Auto Enquiry Follow-up Reminder
Enquiry Follow-up History
Enquiry Priority Level
Admission Approval Process
External Enquiry Form Link Integration With Website

Student Management:

Student Registration
Student Import Facility
Student Courses & Batches Allocation
Student Attendance by Mobile App
Biometric Attendance
Share Homework, Assignments or Exam Papers
Student's Documents Resubmit With In Give Time Limit
Control Student's Mobile App Access From Multiple Devices
Student Discussion/Chat With Teachers
One Click Student's Performance & Detail Report
Students Login Link Integrate With Website

Staff Management:

Staff or Tutor Registration
Assign Permission & Action Right To Staff
Staff login & Access Assigned screens
Staff Attendance 

Fees Management:

Create Course Wise Fee Structures
Discount Management
Student's Fees Collection
Collect Fees Randomly Or Installment Wise
Fees Collection With Tax Or Without Tax
Fees Receipt Generation
Fees Refund Process
Auto Fees Due Reminder

Exam Management:

Create MCQ Exam Papers
Student Can Attend MCQ Exam Online
Negative Marking Option Is Also Available
Auto Exam Review & Send Exam Marks Alert
Answers Justification Display Option
Create Manual Or Physical Exam Marks History
Student Exam Performance

Online Teaching Software:

Separate Inbuilt Interactive Live Class Platform
Inbuilt Live Class Recording
Create Online Classes & Reschedule Future Classes
Attend Online Live Classes From Mobile App or Web
Live Video Streaming
Audio & Chat Communication
Whiteboard Platform For Teaching
Screen Sharing
Video & Document Presentation
Take Live Classes by Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team Too

Digital Courses/e-Study:

Create Your Digital Courses
Upload Teaching Videos
Upload Documents
Share Courses With Students
PDF Download or View Only Permission

Send SMS/Notifications:

Send Auto Or Manual SMS Alert To Students/Parents
Send Auto Mobile Push Notifications To Students/Parents
Send Student's Birthday, Welcome, Attendance Alerts
Send Student's Fees Related Alerts
Send Student's Exam Related Alerts
Send Student's e-Class/e-Study Related Alerts
Send Emergency Alert Or Message
Send Custom SMS To Students
Many More..

Expense Management:

Manage Type of Expenses
Record Institute's All Expenses
Manage Type of Extra Income
Record Institute's Extra Income
Expense & Income Reports
Profit/Loss Status & Analysis Reports

Automatic Certificate Generator:

Multiple Certificate Design Option
Create Customer Certificate
Generate & Download Certificate In PDF format
Print Certificate From Any Printer

Analysis Reports:

Students All Activity Reports
Track Students Performance
Students Enquiry Analysis Reports
Fees Analysis Reports
Expense Analysis Reports
Profit/Loss Analysis Reports

Other Key Features:

Multi Branch Access
Admin Dashboard
Inbuilt Live Class Recording Available For 5 Days
Data Security
Student App Recording & Screenshot Restricted
Quality Support & Training
User Friendly & Easy To Use
Admin & Staff mobile app
Student mobile app

How tuition management system work for Admin & Staff? 

Admin can access the software all features and admin can give access with se3curity rights to institutes staff. Admin can staff can perform all back office operations like students entry, attendance, fee collection, share assignment, take live classes, assign online exam, manage offline exam marks, generate certificate, manage institute expenses, discuss with students and many more.

How tuition management system work for Students & Parents?

1. Parents and students can access their account from mobile app or web system.
2. Students can see their attendance report status
3. Students and parents can see their fee status
4. Students can attend live classes
5. Students can download assign homework or assignment and resubmit it. 
6. Students can attend online exams.
7. students and parents can clear their doubt with teachers on chat platform.

What are the key benefits of tuition management system?

Thousands of tuition classes and institutes are started using online tuition management systems to save their time and manage all data centrally and perform all the operation faster. Those reasons are below:

To Save Time: 

With tuition management system all process become automatic and super fast. so manual management of paperwork or excel work is not need. It save lot of time of tuition classes owner and staff and they can focus more on their teaching process. 

Automate Administrator Work:

Modern tuition management system just need minimal entry and rest of the process become automatic. For example software automatically send reminder and alert messages of all process like fee reminder, students absent, document assign, online exam alert, live class alert and more. So admin and teacher have to spend less time and need to focus very less of students daily activity. 

Grow Tuition Business: 

With modern tuition management system, tuition classes can provide quality digital services to students and parents and that help them to get more students too and it can really help then to increase their brand value and students strength. Its necessary to provide and digital services and technology.   

To clear Parents Questions: 

When parents have to do any activity like checking performance report, fee collection and if they have any doubt then they can ask directly from software platform and teacher can clear their doubt in few seconds that create more transparent environment and parents start trusting more on the tuition classes. 

No Paper Work:

Modern tuition management system manage each process and data digitally and you do not need anything to manage manually or on paper. 

How to choose best tuition management system?

You must need to check be low points in order to select perfect and best tuition management system.
1. Check how old is the software. 
2. Check the company is transparent or not with their all information.
3. Check company has listed their old customer list on their website or not. 
4. Company those provide tuition management system must provide quality service and support so check that too. 
5. Company transparent with their pricing and features detail?  
6. Check all claimed features in trial period.
7. Check their prices along with their software quality and features list with others.

If all above point is ok then you are selecting the right tuition management system. 

Which is the best and most affordable tuition management system?  

Smart Classes software is the best tuition class management system in the world. Its affordable, loaded with features, providing high quality service and support and running since 2013. 


Tuition management system is platform to simplify daily activity of tuition classes. Tuition Classes owner, staff, teacher , students and parents easily benefit from centralize data process, automation, error free fees collection and allow teacher to focus on teaching. 

If tuition classes or coaching classes or school want to grow in this competitive environment then they have to start using the online tuition management software platform. 


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